If Someone Offered You The Chance To Remain In Your Twenties Eternally, Would You Take It?

Something a bit different from me today as I attempt to diversify my blog and keep people on their metaphorical toes. Or your actual toes should you find my writing that riveting.

A friend of mine once reacted in disbelief when I said that I would seriously consider Botox for the inevitable forthcoming wrinkles. I’m approaching thirty and I already have a couple of lines around my eyes. Teaching leaving its mark.

It isn’t beyond me either, and this same friend finds this remarkable too, to begin colouring my hair. I’ve had the beginnings of discolouration – grey hairs – for about eight years but last weekend I found a long strand of white hair right at the front, dangling between my eyes.

I know it is a privilege to grow old. I know that so many people don’t make it and that continued good health, right into your seventies, eighties or later, is nothing to scoff nor sneer at. Undoubtedly old age brings you things that youth simply does not.

Likewise being young isn’t all it is cracked up to be. There are stresses, navigational issues regarding the direction of your life, no guarantee of health and in all likelihood for our generation the very real concern of housing and family to consider.

So my Friday post is a question:

If someone offered you the chance to remain in your twenties eternally, would you take it?


I’ll be back on Monday afternoon with regular posts! Looking forward to a weekend in Paris – I’m armed with a book on the best coffee and brunch spots in the city – which I’ll no doubt talk about next week. Thank you to everyone who has continued to read and follow my blog – all 109 and you now! -and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this question 🙂 




  1. OK, I’m way ahead of you young ones here. Let me say that, as long as your health and fitness keeps up then you genuinely grow happier and more relaxed as the years go by. Not everyone obviously (those struggling with money issues, for example) but most.

    And as for women dreading leaving their youth behind it’s a fact that women can remain gorgeous into their later years these days, far more so than was the case in previous generations. Better health care, diet awareness etc. play a big part.

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  2. Hmmm I really don’t think so. While I accomplished a lot at twenty — getting married, buying a house, finding a 9-5 job that didn’t make me cry every day — I was still seriously anxious and depressed and did ZERO writing during those years. Yes, I was much thinner and had less gray hairs but … sigh. The early thirties were pretty good to me, so much so that I’m not struggling * too * much with entering my mid-thirties in a few weeks.

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