According To WordAds I Have Earned My First $0.01 as a Blogger.

It was not the desire to make money that led me to blogging but there is no doubting the fact that once I understood that you can make money from writing into the blogosphere I immediately wanted to know how and how much.

Both are questions I cannot really answer. Up until the other day I didn’t quite understand how it is that you can actively control how much money your blog makes however through checking my WordAds it appears that in November the number of ads run on my site amounted to the princely sum of a single cent.

So when someone asks me if you can make money from writing into the blogosphere from now on I can answer in the affirmative. The question I find myself asking is how I managed to generate a cent and how I can perhaps get a full euro for my efforts. Even a cursory browse of the internet shows there are certainly plenty of articles out there about how to do just that.

It seems the biggest way to generate money is to be patient and to write consistently. It would certainly answer why November is the month that I seemed to have earned from my writing (I use this word very loosely!) as it was during these thirty days or so that I more or less posted daily.

However if consistency, even daily posting, is what it takes to earn the threshold payment amount of $100 then that poses a problem for me: FORO – fear of running out. It is no easy task to come up with ideas after ideas and more often than not the ideas that I had felt would rack up the views and likes, perhaps even be shared or picked up another platform, have not worked out that way. Much the same as life, blogging is nothing like what you expect it to be.

Writing a personal blog means that you run the risk of taking the reaction to the posts – likes, views and comments – personally and I find myself realising that this process has very much been about discovering what it is that my voice is able to carry and what rings most true in my writing. Is it the more romantic posts about my long distance relationship, the challenges of learning French, the struggles and successes of writing my novel or a combination of them all?

Blogging has been in effect the process of finding out what makes me tick and whether or not it resonates with others. And whether or not that matters if the goal is neither to earn money or followers but simply for the joy of self-publishing.

There is a marked difference in how I approach writing this blog to how I approach writing my personal diary. The effort of dedicating a fairly significant chunk of time every day to maintaining this blog makes the prospect of earning money from the site especially attractive. We’re not talking about a wage to live from here but the feeling that there can be a financial reimbursement for the time and effort I put in.

Of course this makes me wonder about my intentions for this blog going forward. Am I going to persist simply because I want to see that single cent grow or will it be the sense of community that will keep me going? Indeed, feeling as if my writing was really going somewhere and that people were reading me had been – until I checked the stats – the sole motivation for getting up in the mornings with some new ideas to try out.

I almost feel saddened that money has somehow found its way here too; it is a force we seem to be unable to flee from. Whenever there is passion and enjoyment it seems, there will be temptation to monetize. While there is nothing wrong with this and I am guilty of falling into what I regard as a temptation, I wonder if there is anywhere left where the prospect of earning money is so, so far removed from whatever it is we are doing that we can believe we’ve escaped it altogether.


    1. Thanks for the likes yaasotaa! I think having enabled WordAds helped me to my first cent haha – I think it runs ads on different sites but other than that I am not too sure of how it all works! 🙂

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  1. I have the same dilemma happen in my head in cycles! I start writing and get into a flow, it feels effortless and easy and inspiring and then I start pushing the idea of “what if’s” in there that can leave me feeling kind of stressed and blocked. I’m trying to remover the mentality of gaining back from my blog get and just doing it because it’s a passion. Thanks for your honestly!

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  2. I completely understand what you are saying. I am in the same boat. I just want to encourage you to keep writing from your passion. I enjoy reading your posts because I can feel how genuine they are with each sentence you write. Stay true to it and yourself, even if it’s only just for you. But it’s not, it’s at least for me. 🙂

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    1. 😢 thanks so much! That’s such a lovely comment to leave; I don’t know what to say. Actually it’s 3am here and I have the phone in my hand having just spent the last hour in the bathroom sick 😷 so your words come feeling quite like a hug 🤗 Thanks so much!!!


  3. I can totally relate to this. I haven’t done anything to monetize my blog, I’m just writing to help myself and maybe others. But it seems that temptation is always out there. Of course, with about a dozen followers I am not in imminent danger of cashing in. 🙂 I will be following.

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      1. Or maybe not. I deactivated mine and it was the best thing I have done in a long time. I don’t have Pinterest or Twitter either but I also don’t know if I have the time and commitment necessary to promote myself through those media.

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  4. I would really hate to get back on Facebook. Time sucker and stress induced, especially right now with politics over here being so, ahem, interesting. But I only use the other two for this and to network with other bloggers, so it’s not bad.

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    1. Have you posted about coming off Facebook? I was surprised how many people I have talked to that have done similarly or want to do it. And yeah, hundred percent I wouldn’t go back on it now. I have WAY too much to be worried about without adding FOMO into the mix.

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  5. Excellent post and valid points made. I tried WordAds for awhile and determined it wasn’t worth it. The placement of the ads interfered with my post so I eliminated them. I could care less if I monetize my blog. I’d rather just have fun with it and meet people like you. Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 I have visited my own site to see about exactly what you mention – the ad placements – because I was curious about how it would look too. I think the monetization of my site takes a real backdrop to the fact that I just enjoy what I am doing and am engaging with interested, interesting individuals doing their thing too 🙂 It’s great!!

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