Deleting my Angry Anti-Yoga Post.

I posted earlier about yoga and then promptly deleted it. While it is true that there is an element about yoga that frustrates me, it is also true that in writing the article I deliberately put myself into a bad mood.

I started composing it in the morning and, like anything you feel passionate about, the words came fairly easily and in just under an hour it was finished. Throughout the process I had this feeling of point scoring. Point scoring against an industry. A kind of take that yoga. How childish.

The idea that it has gotten under my skin to this extent made me question if really something else is going on and yoga has become an enlarged target for feelings I may not be fully engaging with. Even as I write that I have an inkling as to what that could be.

That being said the aspects of yoga that annoy me deserve to be talked about. The commercialisation of it beyond much else is what I find hardest to stomach, largely because I feel it flies in the face of the very subtly that the practice of yoga seeks to encourage.

There will be a time to post about this but today wasn’t it. As soon as I had finished my first draft I sent it to a friend who immediately wrote back to ask whether or not my boyfriend would see it. I knew he would.

Yes there is a sense that I have self-censored but there is also the feeling that I am right to have done so. If I have a problem with the commercialisation of yoga – the posing and posting in order to receive likes – then how can I write and publish a sensationalist piece designed to do just the same?

Similarly the other issue that I find problematic is that there seems to be a lack of dialogue around yoga. There is a blanket assumption that if you are doing it, it will be good for you and if you aren’t then you are somehow frightened of it.

If I want there to be a dialogue then using a post like the one I had intended to publish to metaphorically tip-toe a head or two above the others in the crowd and shout about my position is not the way to go about things.

I should take this lesson and apply it to the other areas of my life. It would do me a lot of good.

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